In July 2016, the J2A group will be headed to France for their holy pilgrimage.  We will be joined by the J2A group from St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Orchard Park, New York.  Click the link below to view a PDF version of the itinerary.

J2A 2016 Itinerary

Here is a brief synopsis:

Saturday - Arrive in Paris in the early morning, visit Notre Dame Cathedral, wander around the City, and (in the evening) take a cruise on the Seine River.  Hostel in Paris.

Sunday - Worship at the American Cathedral (Episcopal) in Paris, climb the Arc de Triomphe, walk the Champs Elysses, and visit the Louvre Museum.  Hostel in Paris.

Monday - We depart for Normandy for the balance of the pilgrimage.  Visit the monastery, the Cathedral in Bayeaux, and the small city of Bayeaux.  Hostel in Bayeaux.

Tuesday - Our first visit to the beaches of Normandy to see the site of "Operation Overlord" - the D-Day Invasion of France, beginning June 6, 1944.  Visit Omaha and Utah Beaches.  Hostel in Bayeaux.

Wednesday - Visit Mont St.-Michel on the coast.  All day will be at this Unesco World Heritage site.  Hostel in Bayeaux.

Thursday - Back to the Normandy coast to visit the memorial site of Charles DeGlopper (a Grand Islander who received posthumously the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroics in the D-Day Invasion), and swim on the Normandy Sea.  Hostel in Bayeaux.

Friday - To the airport for our return to western New York.

You may "like" us on Facebook at  The pilgrims will try to keep you updated with a variety of photos.  As usual, we will have a Blessing of Pilgrims on Sunday morning, July 10, at the close of the 9:00 service.  All are welcome!